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Dividends - Preferred Stock (Series G)

Corporate Structure

We intend to qualify as a real estate investment trust ("REIT"), for federal income tax purposes and will elect to be taxed as a REIT under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended. We generally will not be subject to U.S. federal or state corporate taxes on our taxable income to the extent that we annually distribute at least 90% of our annual taxable Net income to stockholders and maintain our intended qualification as a REIT.

Distributions to stockholders will generally be taxable as ordinary income. However, a portion of such distributions may be designated by us as long-term capital gain to the extent that such portion is attributable to our sale of capital assets held for more than one year. If we pay distributions in excess of our current and accumulated earnings and profits, such distributions will be treated as a tax-free return of capital to the extent of each stockholder's tax basis in our common stock and as capital gain thereafter. Stockholders will be notified of the proper tax characterization of AGNC Investment Corp.'s dividends by way of IRS Form 1099-DIV following the close of each tax year.

Due to the complex nature of the applicable tax rules, it is recommended that stockholders consult their tax advisors to ensure proper tax treatment of dividends received.

AGNC Investment Corp. Preferred Stock Series G Dividend History

Quarter Declaration
Per Share
Q1 23  03/10/23 03/30/23 04/01/23 04/17/23 $ 0.48438  
Q4 22  12/09/22 12/31/22 01/01/23 01/17/23 $ 0.65122*  
* Dividend amount reflects dividend payable for the long initial dividend period from the initial issuance date of September 14, 2022 through January 13, 2023.